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Space Clearing

We all have the ability to sense energy. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are influenced by the energy around us. Have you ever walked into a room and felt strangely uncomfortable? Or entered another space and felt uplifted and happy for no apparent reason?

Space Clearing is a mystical component of an ancient art that has been practiced around the world for centuries. It is a skill of changing the energetic atmosphere in a home or business and provides a highly effective way to transform negative or stagnant energy into positive energy. It is designed to create and enhance harmony and balance in any environment.

When might you benefit from Space Clearing?

  • Prior to moving into a new space
  • To enhance the energy for the New Year, other holidays, or change of seasons
  • To celebrate the bringing home of a new baby
  • To clear out the old energy and bring in new ideas for launching creative ideas
  • After an unhappy event such as a long illness, death of family member, or a divorce

When you call in blessings from the unseen realm of spirit world, untold magic can happen. To make an appointment or for further information, please contact me.